Medstar Georgetown Hospital"We want our hospital environment to be an integral part of our healing care. The extraordinary photographic art from Healing Images has helped us do just that. It brightens the mood not only of our patients and visitors but our dedicated staff as well. Every healthcare facility could benefit from their wonderful work. Healing Images is a game changer."

President, Medstar Georgetown Hospital, Washington, DC

Memphis VA Medical Center"We have received so many compliments from veterans, visitors, and staff on the beautiful pieces of art. Everyone enjoys walking down the hallways now and taking time to view the artwork. The stunning photography has brought life to those bare walls. The images are inspiring and thought provoking. The Memphis VA Medical Center is privileged to be able to offer this unique experience to our veterans."

Public Affairs Manager, Memphis VA Medical Center, Memphis, TN 

Fauquier Health"We are a small, community hospital with no annual budget for art acquisition—(all funds are donated by hospital employees). We discovered Healing Images during a search to expand the hospital’s art collection. When we weighed all our options, we could hardly believe how affordable your images were. We thank you so much for sharing your art with the people who can truly benefit from their beauty and healing quality. We consider you true partners in the care of our patients.

As a Planetree hospital dedicated to patient-centered care, Fauquier Health is committed to creating welcoming, healing environments for our patients and their caregivers."

Kirsten Dueck, Chair, Architecture and Interior Design, Committee, Fauquier Health, Warrenton, VA

Queens Hospital System"Healing Images brought Molokai General Hospital to life. They filled the halls with a warmth and beauty that were never there before. The images are an homage to nature, the Aina, the people and the Hawaiian culture, all of which to me are reminders of the importance of wellness. The serenity and beauty of the images bring a calming stillness for those seeking this in their time of need.

I have just spent the past week with a critically ill family member in a hospital with square walls and windows - an institution without life. Although there were photographs on the walls, they were cold and uninspired. How do we get the message across that this kind of environment needs an upgrade?"

Joana Magno, MD Cardiology, Queens Hospital System, Honolulu, HI


Aurora Psychiatric Hospital"The photographic artwork from Healing Images has made a tremendous impact on our patient experience here at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital. Unlike much of the institutional artwork we have used in the past, the artwork available through Healing Images has significantly enhanced our patient care areas. We regularly receive positive feedback from patients and their families regarding the stunning images. It is not unusual to see patients and visitors reflecting upon images in our lounge areas, patient care areas and hallways. The reasonably priced work of these world class artists has enabled us to make a major impact on the environment in our hospital on a limited budget. We are very fortunate to have learned about this wonderful organization and highly endorse their product and efforts at helping facilities create a Healing environment."

Pete Carlson, President, Aurora Psychiatric Hospital, Wauwatosa, WI


Molokai General Hospital"One day as I walked into an exam room to see my next patient, she asked me to sit next to her. She saw how busy I was but wanted me to sit and enjoy the beauty of the picture in the room in which she found a calm peace. She suggested that I take a moment every day to reflect in the same way. What a great way to bring joy into each day."

William L. Thomas Jr. M.D., Molokai General Hospital, Kaunakakai, HI

Queens Hospital System"Healing Images is a database of world class photographers who are literally giving away their work to help those who are dealing with a health issue. For less than the cost of a framed poster, I can have internationally renowned artists hanging on the walls of my hospital. It is remarkable what they are doing. Because the cost of the canvas-wrap pictures are so reasonable, we have been able to add photography to substantially more areas of our facilities—and impact that many more lives.

People just stop and smile at the work. It takes you to another place.

Healing images has made a huge impact on our patient experience. I can’t imagine any hospital that wouldn’t benefit from working with Healing Images."

Phyllis Freyer, VP Marketing and Communications


Aurora Psychiatric Hospital"The work of Dewitt Jones has made a great impact on our patient experience here at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital. Using patient and caregiver input, we selected images that are appealing to both our staff and our patients. Unlike the generic artwork we have often used in the past, Dewitt’s work has helped to enhance our patient care areas. Some of our patients have remarked how these beautiful, healing images have evoked happy thoughts and memories from their lives. It has really added another dimension to our patient experience."

Larry Lenz, Director, Business Operations, Aurora Psychiatric Hospital, Wauwatosa, WI

Molokai Center Hospital"How kind you were to fill Molokai General Hospital with your art. During our campus redevelopment project, many people had ideas of how to make our facility a more healing place. In the end, you were the only person who did exactly what they said they were going to do. You opened your portfolio and created the art for every wall a patient might see.

The result has been stunning. The colors are vibrant; the subjects relevant; the effects healing. Visiting dignitaries, medical professionals and the average guy-on-the-street consistently comment on how the images have transformed the environment.

The seascapes take local people to places they know and love. The hula dancers nudge the imagination. Images of happy keiki (children) make very sick people smile. The breadth and depth of the images help take away the stress not only for the patients but for those of us who work here as well. The medical equipment I buy helps diagnose and treat a patient’s body. Your incredible images helps treat their minds and hearts!"

Janice Kalanihuia, Administrator, Molokai Center Hospital, Kaunakakai, HI

Testimonial"After my father passed away, my family and I sat in the hospital chapel for a while.The pictures hanging in the room showed scenes from our island and were a source of comfort during a very sad time. Thank you Dewitt Jones and Molokai General Hospital for helping me get a few minutes of peace during a difficult time."